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Join the Creation Team

Opportunities now available to join the Creation Coaching Team

Re-energise your personal training business and create peace of mind for your client base post lock down.


The Creation studio Heswall is an ideal environment for safe private coaching to be facilitated in the post Covid era. Clients and trainers have their own fully equipped personal training space and do not have to share equipment during their session. We have 6 private training areas (5 indoors, 1 outdoor). The Creation studio set up allows you to focus solely on your client without distraction and having to worry about social distancing and equipment hygiene during your clients valuable time. 

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....So do you want to work in a positive, supportive and professional coaching environment? Somewhere your clients will feel comfortable, motivated and enjoy their training? If so, then base your personal training business at Wirral's premier private training facility.

Any trainer must have a minimum of a years experience working in the industry, hold minimum L3 PT or S&C qualification and have the foundations of an existing client base. We are looking for prospective team members who are passionate about their work and are active in promoting and growing their own business. 

All trainers will be self employed. Rent is charged for studio use either on a part time hourly basis or a full time fixed monthly fee.

If you would like more information regarding studio rental fees then please contact us.

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