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Studio Workshops

Helping you all the way

Upcoming workshops at the Creation Studio Heswall. You can book your place by simply pressing the button below for the workshop. Book you place and our workshop coach / personal trainer will contact you via phone to provide you with payment options and to confirm your place.

All studio workshops require payment prior to the start of the course.

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Introduction to Calisthenics 

Coach: Matt Lancaster

Sat 26th June. Running for 5 weeks.


Session times 09:00-10:00 am

Price 37.50 for the course

Workshop Size: Maximum 4 places

Calisthenics: An introduction to building strength with body weight training. 

This  5 week workshop is for people who want to build a foundation in both strength and mobility using their own body. This is a progressive workshop which will teach a range of exercises, showing progressions and regressions for different movements and will allow the participants to learn how to plan their own Calisthenics workouts to their own ability level. This workshop is aimed at beginner-intermediate level.

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