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Creation Coach

Jason Mills

  • Level 4 Strength and Conditioning

  • Level 3 Personal Training

  • Functional Fitness Certificate

  • Emergency First Aid at Work

Jason Mills

Certified Fitness Trainer

Health fitness has been a huge part of Jason’s life after serving 15 years British Army he also worked around the world in Close Protection, which has given him vast knowledge and expertise through many different areas. As a result, physical training and endurance has always been part of his mentality.  Having studied sports science and nutrition, Jason likes to develop a more holistic approach to developing people on their path to a healthier lifestyle.  He enjoys working with clients to gain their trust and confidence helping them to push themselves further and achieving their personal goals. 

His love of fitness does not begin and end only in the gym, his passion for sports and being active extends far beyond to kayaking and climb with his young son and trains an under 9 local football team. 

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“Jason is very professional in everything he does. Always understanding and willing to help, He is always available to answer questions. He explains what is needed from each exercise breaking movements down for me to work on. I have not only got a personal trainer but have made a friend for life as well.”



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