Creation Coach: Tim Barrett

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Tim has over 19 years’ experience in exercise prescription as a level 3 personal trainer/Assessor. During this time, he has also tutored fitness instructing courses to up and coming fitness professionals. This has enabled him to really understands what is needed to be a quality Fitness Coach. 


Tim is a level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach specialising in Olympic lifting and specific strength plans. Tim coaches our Sunday morning Barbell Club, he has a passion for Olympic lifting and developing specific strength plans.

Tim has a young family so understands the importance of a work life balance.  His programme design will always be specific to a persons needs, working together with the client to help them achieve their best in a way that suits their individual lifestyle commitments outside of training. 


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Bioforce Certified Conditioning Coach

Level 2 BTF Triathlon Coach

Emergency First Aid at Work

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Tim has a keen interest in Triathlon and Duathlon training and coaching and has completed various distances including Ironman events (2.5 mile swim, 112 mile cycle, 26.4 mile run).  Tim has also had the privilege of representing Great Britain at the World and European Duathlon Championships. Tim has personal and coaching experience in other endurance sports such as long distance swimming and ultra marathon running. 


As a qualified Level 2 Triathlon coach his competitive Interest and experience helps Tim support others focus on their sport specific training.  Along with the studio based 1:1 training Tim offers programme design and regular fitness testing.  Tim’s approach to coaching ensures clients receive effective progression towards reaching their chosen health, training and sporting goals.  

 Client Testimonials 

I am 55 years old. I came to Tim 2 years ago , I was sedentary, weighed in at about 170 kgs and to put it mildly was a sloth, a fat one. Tim has supported, motivated and managed my fitness and still does. In the time I have been training with him I have lost 60 kilograms, have done sprint triathlons and have bigger things planned.

 Tim has not only been my coach but has become a close friend too. He genuinely cares about you as a person and strives to help you achieve your goals. He kicks you in the bum when you need it and calls a spade a spade. 

Tim is a coach that leads by example, he competes himself and even participates in events with you. He gets you to think about why you are doing things, he shows you the reasons why you do things, the benefits of them and celebrates the gains with you.  Tim’s sessions change to reflect your needs and goals for example we do strength work over the winter and then build speed and endurance for race season.  Tim’s training evolves along with you. If your goals change or you need to develop another area, then the plans and workouts change to reflect those.

I cannot recommend Tim enough, he’s seen me through thick and thin and has never lost faith in me. You can’t ask for much more than that from a trainer and coach.

Andy Jex

I have been training with Tim for 10 years now and initially found him when I was looking for someone to help me through my first Ironman race. I picked Tim based on the fact that he had done Ironman so I figured he knew what it took to get through the race.

I am so pleased that I made that initial contact as he has now got me through 5 Ironman races and has come to know what I am capable of and how much to push me or back off.

Over the years, the training Tim has designed for me has taken into consideration outside influences, injury and specific goals.

Tim is always keeping up to date with different training methods and constantly evolves training plans to keep things interesting and fresh. Tim always makes sure he keeps you updated with regards to why he gets you to train in a certain way or to do certain things. When racing, he always makes sure you have a race plan and makes contact with you before the race to allay any fears, answer last minute questions, ensure understanding and just to give you that last motivational boost.

If you want an inspirational hands-on coach who will help you reach your goals then Tim is your man. Tim listens to what you want to achieve, your time frames and then tailors a unique and dedicated plan just for you.

Jane Roberts

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I absolutely love my PT sessions with Tim, I look forward to them every week and I wish I could train with him every day! Tim has literally changed my life.... The support, guidance, confidence and understanding of my body, capabilities and limitations has meant i have progressed beyond my wildest expectations. I can feel and see the results and this has given me tremendous pleasure and additional motivation to continue on my journey. I trust Tim explicitly and he is the only person I do exactly what he tells me to do!! 

Each week we work together and its always new, exciting and challenging. Tim sets me programmes that challenge me but most importantly i enjoy them and feel the progress when training independently. We also review my progress and Tim sets me a new programme to complete. Tim's words of encouragement are awesome and always make me feel great...I leave my session buzzing, feeling motivated, positive and ready to train again. Thanks Tim!!!

Rachael Davies