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Creation Sports Massage

Sports Massage

We have one qualified Sports Massage practionnaire at the Creation Studio...

Rhiannon Lewis contact: 07814614145

A professional practitioner will tailor a massage session to meet the need of a client, whether they are a sports participant or not. A skilled sports massage practitioner can, of course, meet the specific requirements of a professional sportsperson, but can also deliver a therapeutic feel good massage to anyone at all! Provided a client is healthy, sports massage can be administered to meet a variety of needs.


These include:

  • Relieving stress and aiding relaxation

  • Offering relief from muscle aches and fatigue

  • Preventing and treating delayed onset muscle soreness

  • Enhancing recovery from exercise

  • Relieving myofascial pain

  • Relieving spasm and cramps

  • Preparing for competition

  • Relieving occupational/postural aches

  • Increasing circulation

  • Aiding recovery and rehabilitation following muscle injury

  • Managing/controlling of aches and tension caused by repetitive activity

  • Helping to restore flexibility