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Online Coaching

Your training redefined

Creation online coaching is a bespoke, non generic, programming platform for clients who do not have the need, time or access to in studio one-2-one personal training.


All online planning is provided by Creation owner Chris Carter. Chris has over 14 years experience in both coaching and exercise prescription. Chris has delivered in excess of 10,000 hours of one-2-one coaching as well as providing programming for first timers through to elite International level athletes.

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Chris has participated in many physical activities over the years including competing at International level Canoe Slalom up until his early twenties. More recently he has completed many medium and long distance trail running events up to and including a 35 mile Ultra. His personal focus currently is primarily triathlon, racing up to 70.3 distance. Alongside these more endurance based events he retains an ongoing practice of resistance training based predominantly around Olympic lifting.

All programming is designed to meet the needs of the individual. Programmes are progressive, tracked and delivered in a way that makes everything clear and easy to follow through the use of world class software platforms. Personal support is also given via ongoing in app messaging, email and the use of video feedback for analysis of client technique. 

The client will be able to download our exclusive Creation app which will serve not only as platform for delivering programming but can be used for tracking daily exercise and ongoing progress. The app also provides a video data base of all the exercises in your programme, so technique is correct and your training is both safe and effective.

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Software Platforms

Creation online coaching offers bespoke programming and training support through the use of two fantastic online software platforms. Resistance based programming is provided through the industry leading online trainer software My PT Hub and is supported with an Ios or android compatible Creation PT application that can be used anytime, anywhere for on the spot training and tracking either with a mobile phone, tablet or PC.


For those clients x-training for endurance sports or spending time outside of the gym then the world renowned Training Peaks platform can be used to track and deliver a clients weekly planning and individual sessions. 

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What is Involved?

  • Choose a training package below that is best suited to your needs. All packages contain the same excellent delivery and support. Simply choose the length of time you want to be coached.

  • Contact Chris via email:  or our contacts box below.

  • Chris will contact you within 24hrs, You will then need to complete a readiness for exercise Par Q and training questionnaire and download and register on the Creation app.

  • On receipt of your par Q and questionnaire Chris will then communicate with you directly discussing further your training goals and programming needs, culminating in a clear understanding of client direction.

  • Within 10 days your account will be set up and your bespoke training plan will be ready for you to start training. 

You have to be motivated to get the most out of online training. Without the benefit of one-2-one personal training at the studio you will need to be dedicated, disciplined, and focused. Anything less and you will be wasting your money. The results come from your hard work and most importantly, consistency. Chris will simply provide the tools, direction and support for personal development. The outcomes are down to you!

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“I would regard myself as a self motivated athlete, and yet, I have learnt that a good coach can take you beyond the limits of perceived capability. When you are training at your limits- focussed, exhausted, driven- it is so important to have a coach that makes you feel you are important; Chris epitomises this level of personalised coaching.  His dedication to his own learning, adapting my training based upon real time feedback, and making training sessions varied and enjoyable is commendable. Chris was able to develop all aspects of my triathlon training - he increased my power on the bike through focussed indoor and outdoor sessions, but also through targeted strength sessions in the gym.  His background in strength and conditioning is a great asset to his spectrum of skills. The run is my strongest discipline and yet, living in a tropical country, I valued the mixed interval sessions to make progress manageable. The swim sets allowed me to focus on technique, endurance and strength at the right sections of my periodised training. An all round complex training programme that allowed me to just sweat it out.  Onwards to the next challenge!”


Claire Walton

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