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Creation Coach: Richard Franklin

Richard has amassed a wealth of experience in the time he has been qualified as a personal trainer. He has worked on a competitive gym floor, managed a multi-service, private studio & has built up an extensive client base who are located across the North West. 

His background is in athletics, a multiple City Champion & representing Liverpool nationally at the 200 metres sprint & playing football, representing Merseyside on numerous occasions. Richard now has a strong interest in Strength and Conditioning and Duathlon, where he regularly competes and is striving for age group qualification for Great Britain.


His clients range from young children, teenagers, adults & later life all with varying abilities & goals & has banked approximately 4000 hours 1-2-1 personal training time. 


Level 4 Personal Trainer: Behaviour Change Specialist

PN1 Precision Nutrition Coach

BTF Level 1 Triathlon Coach

Emergency First Aid in the Workplace

Richard is passionate about nutrition & is a qualified Precision-Nutrition Coach, he understands how nutrition plays the main role in any goal sought. He has a proven record of coaching major body composition changes whether that is to safely gain weight (muscle mass) or to safely lose weight (body fat). With a high retention rate, clients have trained with Richard for anywhere between 8 months & 3years


Over the last 5 years Richard has developed a nutritional coaching programme that deals with the real issues that dictate body composition. Continuing his professional development he has take a step further in his qualifications to become a L4 Behaviour Change Specialist. This enables him to coach the individual smartly & effectively using habit changing protocols & SMART goal setting. 


Richard believes location is important therefore his personal training clients train out of a modern, professional & supportive training space, Creation - Heswall. He has recently created a private consultation space for coaching clients who need a private space to discuss their goals & progress, also based in Heswall. 


Richard has invested in many tools (TrainingPeaks/Nutrium) these enable to professionally manage & collate data pertinent to his clients requirements. This also allows him to work remotely to further enhance the clients experience. 

Contact Richard today to book a free consultation
Tel: 07875752197
Email: richard@thefranklinmethod.com

I went to see Ritchie 5 weeks ago & he has changed the way I eat, think & sleep. I needed a kick up the back side as I was choosing the wrong food & my exercise was suffering for it. Ritchie taught me how to choose wisely & fill up on important, balanced foods. I cannot thank Ritchie enough & would definitely recommend him to anyone. In fact I would shout his praises from the highest mountain. I aim to be a lean, mean fighting machine & Ritchie has given me the tools to accomplish this. Thank you Ritchie, you are worth your weight in gold.


 Client Testimonials 

This year I had stepped up my goals and signed up to a triathlon training camp at the end of March with the guys at Total Transition Training, another part of Creation PT. Whilst I had stepped up my physical training in all areas I hadn’t really addressed my nutritional issues. I went to Richie at the end of February and asked him for some help because I had heard nothing but positive things about him. He gladly put me on a 5 week plan. My weakness is my sweet tooth but the fact that I had to track everything on an app really made me accountable along with the fact that all my facts and figures I needed were there to hand to help me through the day. By the time I left for Lanzarote I was 10lbs lighter, my BMI was down, my lean muscle mass was up and everything was going in the right direction. I now see Richie approximately once a month to keep me on the straight and narrow. He has helped me to learn and appreciate that it’s so much more than the number on the scales. I am stronger. I am fitter. I am lighter. I am leaner. Thanks Richie.”

Michelle M

“I have struggled with previous Duathlons particularly on my second run. So I explained my problems to Richie, he asked me to do a weeks food diary along with my training programme and straight away he noticed that I was very short on my calorie intake and more important certain food groups. Richie set a new calorie target to incorporate the food groups that I was lacking in, I have since been following his advise and feel I have so much more energy, my training has been much improved, I have since qualified for the 2020 GB age group duathlon championships but more importantly for me I finished first in my age group and felt great at the end of the race, Nutrition was certainly a key factor for me. Highly recommend Richie .”

Mandy M

After completing the 13 week nutrition course with Rich I couldn’t recommend this guy highly enough! he has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food and it was easier than I thought it was going to be! He’s been there with advice and a telling off when needed!! I feel fitter and healthier than I have done in years, with my development in the gym and at running being an added bonus. his encouragement and passion for protein has been amazing!!