Creation Coach: Ceri Holder


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Gym Instructor

BSc. (Hons) Sports Therapy

Emergency first aid at work

Ceri qualified as a level 3 personal trainer at the beginning of 2020. Ceri believes that exercise has the greatest impact towards mental health and a positive self-esteem; she aims to work towards sharing her knowledge, passion, guidance and skills, to encourage a positive, healthier lifestyle.   


In addition to personal training, Ceri graduated from Edge Hill University in 2019 with an upper class honours degree in Sports Therapy. She is a member of the Society of Sports Therapists and aims to enhance her knowledge by attending additional accredited courses. As a sports therapist Ceri has the ability to identify injury risks and weakness’ throughout body movement. She can assess an injury, provide appropriate treatment and can implement injury prevention protocols and rehabilitation programmes when required.  

Ceri is an active individual with a passion towards football. Playing football for 14 years, enables Ceri to understand the physical demands placed upon the body during physical activity and the importance of self-care. She believes this is essential as a personal trainer as it allows her to empathise with clients and build a positive patient rapport. Ceri is a current player for Tranmere Rovers Ladies (First Team), where she aims to build on her skill and knowledge within the sport, sharing her love of the sport to other females.


Ceri has worked voluntarily within the clinic at Liverpool FC Academy, where she observed injury prevention protocols and strength and conditioning programmes. She was able to rehabilitate and treat injured players on a weekly basis, which expanded her knowledge and understanding in commonly occurring sporting injuries. She believes that she benefited greatly from this opportunity as she was able to observe protocols within a professional environment.


In the future Ceri would like to expand her knowledge further, as she has great interest in nutrition and would like to share this with her clients.

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