Biomarker testing with FORTH

Optimise your training via Biomarker testing


Want to find out how your training is transforming your health on the inside?  To get the best out of your body you need to look beyond the surface and understand what’s happening on the inside.


That’s why we have teamed up with Forth, an innovative biomarker tracking service to offer our clients the opportunity to test and track key biomarkers to health & fitness.


Find out if you are deficient in vital Vitamin D which so many people are - it is essential for maintaining strong bones, boosting your immune system, muscle function, energy levels and reducing inflammation.


The Body Fat test is great too as you get a full break down of your good and bad fats so you can track your progress alongside your training.  


Forth offers over 20 tests, all of which are available at an exclusive 15% discount.


To receive your 15% discount, simply go to and click on the 15% discount badge located on the right.
















Track what matters

Understand your body like never-before by tracking key biomarkers integral to health and performance. Forth’s simple lab-analysed tests and tracking platform will help you get the most out of your training, so you can push your body to new limits. 



How it works


Most of their tests can be done at home using a simple finger prick sample kit. 







All tests are analysed by an accredited laboratory and results are converted into easy-to-understand data graphics, which you can track over time.  By tracking your biomarkers at regular intervals (Forth recommends re-testing every 3 months to track your progress) you can see what affect your diet and exercise are having on your numbers, helping you to train smarter.







Jasmijn Muller - Endurance cyclist & world record holder


I am now training hard to prepare my body and my mind for another cycling record attempt later this year (the solo women’s record from Land’s End to John o Groats) and feel assured that continued biomarker tracker will help to optimise my performance and stay on top of the careful balance between preparing my body for such an extreme challenge and giving it all the rest, good food and vitamins it needs to recover







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